If a Career in Fashion is Your Vision, take these tips from established Fashion designers to heart.


1.  Your Storyboards sell your vision and concept, they need to be visually appealing, neat and precise. Detailed technical drawings are a must, as from these we can gauge whether you have the technical capability to make your vision a reality. Without sound technical and fabrication samples, making the drawings a reality will not be possible.” Says Joanne Frederic, Trend Director at ELLE Rising star design award.

2.  We are looking  for a sound understanding of fabrics and technical skills with regard to garment construction. If a career in fashion is your passion, keep learning and persevering; gain as much practical hands-on experience in the industry as you can. Says Nicholas Courts, winner of ELLE Rising star Design Award 2013.


3.  Attending a fashion competition, your entry should not look messy and haphazard it should at least be well packaged and neat to get attention. submit fabric swatches that gives a clear idea of how the garments will look and feel plus also show fabric understanding in terms of what fabric would work and suit the collection.
It is also vital to submit a clear and cohesive storyboards with a strong theme and unique selling point, showing your own work is what they are looking for. Original raw talent that is authentic. Says Jackie Burger, style curator and fashion consultant.


4.  Pay attention to detail; your entry represents more than beautiful drawings and a design signature. As the total package including technical feasibility, accessibility of fabric choices and wearability of designs.
The quality of your presentation is Paramount, the flow of concept and the way you translate your vision, an attention grabbing, engaging and uncomplicated presentation commands deliberation.
Articulate your design premise; A well written concept and formulating your ideas and concept with potential business aspiration affirms your ability to contextualise your vision. Says Thebe Ikalafeng, Global African branding authority. Founder of Brand leadership Group and Brand Africa.

5. If this is what you are passionate about, make sure you have a clear design identity and your source of inspiration is clear so as to give your work substance. Emile Gambade, fashion editor.


6. Tell a story! The collection you design is a reflection of your universe, your dreams and your intentions, also choose your fabrics carefully. Finding the right fabric is essential; make sure they support your technical sketches.
Be aware of current fashion trends and try to crest something fresh, new and unique. You have to think differently and have your own point of view. Says Bella Cebekhulu, New Business Development manager, AFI.

7.  Its always important as an upcoming designer to get a few people whose opinion you value to look at your work. Don’t be Afraid of criticism, its the only way you will learn and improve.
When you are designing, imagine someone wearing your creation. Avant-grade is good but the customer must relate to it. This balance you will master after a few samples .Says Anisa Mpungwe, winner of 2008 Elle new talent award and designer of lion cloth and ashes.

Lastly always learn from your mistakes and try again. Attend local fashion shows and get to understand what makes designers successful. Don’t give up!.

Adapted from http://www.elle.com

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