Fashion Map hopes to change the fashion landscape in Nigeria by connecting designers to Customers

There is no denying that in this digital world, fashion and technology are inevitably becoming one. The lines between these two industries are quickly blurring. Every day new tech sprouts disrupt the fashion ecosystem, mostly positively – changing the way designers create, customers shop and interact with brands, the ways we access data and analytics in fashion, among other things.
In essence, technology has revolutionalized fashion in the best ways possible. The latest innovation in Nigeria is essentially aimed at
changing the way customers interact with designers in Nigeria – Fashion Map, a kind of “Uber for fashion”.

It was triggered by personal experience. I was looking for a bespoke tailor and in a world where everything is a click away, I didn’t understand why there was no easy and convenient way to find one. I mentioned the problem to my friend and now co-founder, we went through the existing options and we saw a gap in the market. ” Says CEO, David Peterside.

The Lagos-based tech company connects customers to tailors, brands and fashion designers with the click of a button. Starting with a beta version in February 2019, the
brand already boasts of over 1000 brands and 600+ customers who have signed up for and actively use Fashion Map’s services. Now available on the Android and iOS app stores – the platform does not just help
people find great designers for their occasions but also translates to real-time sales and an added channel of promotion/advertisement for brand owners and designers.
“Our mission is to bring visibility to African Fashion creatives and leverage technology to enable local fashion businesses no matter the size. We launched our beta in February this year and the mobile app in late April. We currently have 1000+ Brands and Tailors signed up and our customer base is growing at over 200%.”


  • Download the App from play store
  • Sign up as a designer or customer using your location
  • If you are a Customer, Search for designers in your location.
  • If you are a designer, register and upload your designs to your personal page for customers to locate you.

Most people definitely can’t conceptualize
the impact AI is going to have in every industry, fashion included. The design aspect is an art, which is subjective, so that’s safe. However, a lot of the repetitive jobs are
going to be gone. The creators hope for a future where humans and AI can co-exist.

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