Here are 9 simple ways to Keep Fit without going to the gym 💪

Working out or keeping your body active helps reduce the many health risks we’re susceptible to. It’s always good to keep fit and stay in shape for both your physical and mental health. Most of us are engrossed in work and what not, but it is important that we create time for it.
Notwithstanding, schedules can be crazy and gym memberships expensive. So what’s one to do?
Well, there are multiple activities that you could participate in to keep in great shape;


Swimming has been proven to be one of the best exercises known to man. It engages the whole body from head to toe, and do you know the best part? You wouldn’t even have to break a sweat doing it, cause duh you’re in the water. It’s soothing, refreshing and is probably the one thing standing between you and a hot bod.


You need to broaden your mind to keep a fit lifestyle, I can assure you that fitness is more of mental energy than physical. Keep an open mind and engage yourself with different skills and opportunities. The world is your oyster don’t wait for the perfect time.


Johnie Walker keeps on walking and so should you. Always being on the move will keep your mind busy, it will work your legs and pump more blood to your arteries. Don’t be a couch potato bro, get to work! Get engaged to something. Do a business, just do something that will keep you on your feet.


Here is my best part. Dancing is one of the best fitness cheats ever. Dancing alone for an hour burns 360 calories! how awesome is that? Don’t let anyone tell you, get your dancing shoes, my friend.


Eating whole food is more beneficial to the body than all the junk you’ve been eating. Cut yourself some slack from future ailments and fat by eating more nutritious home-cooked meals. It will save you tons of money, it is healthy and it is more filling,
trust me.


Ask Batman, The Joker was one of the most crafty, brilliant and dangerous super villains ever. How did he do all this? By laughing and not taking things too seriously of course. One of the best favors you can do yourself is to keep a cheerful attitude, so burst into laughter as much as you can. The chips may try to keep you down but don’t let them.


Be the next athlete in your neighborhood. Engage in sports. Ask Barack Obama, former POTUS he still makes time to play basketball and golf in the white house while he was still President. If the POTUS can make time why can’t you? Make it a priority to be a sportsman even if its just weekends.

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