We get soo busy that we forget health matters. Most people that have 9-5 jobs are guilty of this. Then we wonder why the people outside the country are better health wise. Today, I would be telling you 5 reasons why you should visit a spa this weekend. Why don’t you invest in yourself this
1. You Deserve It

Why not have some me’ time. We get so busy that we never create a ‘me’ time. Ask
yourself this question. “When was the last time I put myself first?” You need to learn how to put yourself first. As much as you are working hard, I feel you should also enjoy yourself. It is Work hard, play hard!

2. Massages Help With Depression
When you massage your body, it causes the release of serotonin which is a natural anti-depressant. This allows you to feel happy, calm and more focused. I feel this is a good way to ease of stress from work especially when you are not meeting your target.

3. It Improves Your Long Term Skin Health

Having a facial is one way to take care of your skin.
The facial treatment you get in a spa is more
concentrated thereby giving you a powerful and effective result. They are also relaxing and very effective.

4. It increases your immunity

When you are stressed, your heart rate and blood pressure rise and your muscles tighten. When this happens, your immune system decreases significantly.
So just imagine what it does to your body and mind. Getting a massage puts your body and mind in a relaxed state. This would help to increase your immunity.

5. Manage Pain Through Massage
Massages are known to help in pain management. When you go through massage therapy, you find relief
and increase your blood flow to sore and stiff muscles. It also releases a natural pain killer called opioids.

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