How To Create The Perfect Red Pout

There is something undeniably glamorousand timeless about a red lip. Its time to pay homage to this classic look. It can seem like such an effortless look, but creating the perfect red lip truly isn’t something you rush through with a quick swipe of lipstick.

Rather, when your lips are going to be the center of attention, give them the treatment they deserve — pick the right shade, line lips in an upward motion, use the right lip brush and follow the trick makeup artists use to really make the color pop. With the most wonderful time of the year now upon us, the question is, how do you pull off a festive red lip without making constant trips to the bathroom to check for smearing and feathering? the secret to perfecting the look lies in the application.

Here are her expert tips for mastering the must-have red lip of the season!

Prep Work
– The base to any perfect holiday red lip look are healthy lips, chapped lips and red lipstick (especially of the matte variety) are beauty arch nemesis. Start by doing the basics the day or night before: drink plenty of water, apply lip balm, and use an overnight lip treatment.

Prior to doing your makeup, apply a little lip balm to a Q-tip and buff all over your lips. You’ll be amazed at how much dead skin that can buff off alone.

Apply a bit more balm and let it soak in prior to applying your lip color.

– While to some primer is an unnecessary additional step, I’ve found that it makes a difference in my lipstick’s longevity and the health of my lips. What primer does is create a barrier between your lips and the lip color as well as help even out the canvas of your lips to allow the color apply more smoothly. They can also help with fading, feathering, and moisturize your lips from under your lip color.

After allowing a lip balm to soak into the lips, gently pass your primer over the lips much like another clear balm. MAC Prep+Prime Lip is fantastic but I also love NYX’s Lip Primer as it helps cancel out your natural lip color as well, allowing for the true lip color to shine.

– From trial and plenty of error, I’ve learned that lipliner is essential to the perfect red lip. It maps out the shape of your lips (something difficult to do when working straight from the

tube), gives you lipstick something to stick too adding to its longevity, and can amplify the color as well.

Start applying liner by mapping out the shape of your lips. Using short dashed lines draw an X on the cupids bow, and on the corners of your mouth, and a a straight line in the middle of  your  lower lip. Finish off the outline by connecting the lines together. Next, gently fill in the entirety of your lip with the liner. Gently blend with your finger or a Q-tip if needed.

– Now for the fun part. When you have picked out your best shade. You can apply lipstick either straight from the tube or with a lip brush. From the tube requires a steadier hand but is quick for on the go while using a lip brush allows you to layer more product in thinner layers (read, making it last longer) but is more time consuming up front. Either way, apply one layer of lipstick everywhere that you just filled in with liner.

Making It Last
– To help your lip color last longer, there are several things you can do. First off blot the lip color with a piece of tissue by pressing your lips up against the tissue, then pressing the tissue between your lips as if you were biting it. Apply another layer of lipstick and repeat.

Finally, to keep lipstick from getting all over your lips, put your finger between your lips and pull it out. This will remove any color that might be on the inner part of your lips and might find itsway onto your teeth.

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