Friday Style inspiration featuring the Jennifer Oseh @theladyvhodka


I think I’ll say that my love for fashion grew on me. As an adolescent, my dad used to buy our clothes himself. He would take a day out and go to China town to shop clothes for the family. I’d say that at the time, I knew more of what I didn’t like to wear. lol

As I grew older, I started shopping for myself and realized that I had an eye for shopping really nice clothes and it just kept getting better over time

It definitely took me a while to understand my style and be confident about it. At some point, I wasn’t confident enough to wear what I liked because I often got remarks like ” what are you wearing”, “you can wear rubbish sha” and “are you really going out like this”?

And those things really got to me. I found myself trying to tame my creative side to avoid backlash from these basic minded people.

It took me a while to understand that like they say “to each his own” and we should really do what makes us happy you know. I got over such remarks and ever since my confidence became a 101! I’ve been able to Inspire and influence people to push fashion boundaries. My style is very androgynous, edgy, versatile and chic.​

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