Selena Gomez pictured wearing Pajamas with Classic black pumps..

If one could rationalize staying in your pajamas all day, Selena Gomez feels you. The recently returned Queen of Instagram went shopping in Santa Monica, Calif., this weekend wearing a silken set of PJs paired with classic black pumps and an ankle-length overcoat. A simple red lip, low ponytail, and black clutch complete the relaxed look — and prove that with the right styling, she can pretty much look amazing in just about anything.

When a picture of Gomez in the sleek loungewear hit a fan Instagram account yesterday, the compliments quickly piled up in the comments:

“Only she can wear pajamas out in public and still slayyy,” “even pjamas [sic] look good when she wears them,” “pajama chic goals.”

This isn’t the first time Gomez, who returned to the public eye after taking some time off back in August to focus on her health, has rocked a bedroom- inspired style out and about. In Paris last September, she wore navy blue pajamas and red high heels to a promotional event at a recording studio. This look was without an overcoat, but the red lip remains — because when it comes to pajamas in public, it’s all in the details. I guess anything can happen when in a Rush.

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