#ThrowbackFriday- Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall pictured together after 25 years for ‘Coming to America’ Sequel

Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall have hardly aged since they acted  ‘Coming to America’ Some 25 years ago. Fans are also looking forward to the Sequel of Coming to America and The bright is: Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall still look great together, and they have hardly aged over the past 25 years , as evident in their BEFORE and NOW pictures below:


What they Looked Like 25 Years Ago


What They Look Like Now

Murphy himself even observed and said: “We still kind of look the same too,” “A little bit,” Hall modestly agrees. Eddie continued to say that “Most people, you cut to 25 years later, they’d be like, ooh lord,” and “Sometimes they have to tell you who they are.”

Eddie Murphy revealed on The Arsenio Hall Show while discussing the achievements during the 25th anniversary with Hall, who played Akeem’s in the original movie. The truth of the matter is that the sequel is probably unlikely, and the reason is just complex to the lame fan.. as the fans are saying.. don’t worry, just go ahead.. settle it in court.. there is alot of fans ready to pay the court fees..

“When Coming to America came out it was a bunch of lawsuits,” – Well the fans will pay for it in the box office, and world wide.. so don’t worry..
“There was some dude who was claiming he was the prince. I’d be out in the club and this African dude would roll up and say, ‘I am the real prince! You stole my life from me! And I want my money! I’ll kill you!’ “

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