Something old or Something New.. The Avant-garde gele or the old school gele


As Africans, gele tieing (head tie) is part of our dressing and culture, and times and times again, there are new ways to tie gele, one of them is the new Avant grade gele and then the old school styles are making a comeback.. So if you were to choose will it be something new or something old..





The beautiful Avant grade gele was created by Funmi Olurinola of Abeke Makeovers –She says she created the styles out of a need for trendsetters and belles of the ball who need something different. This is a breath of fresh air-  and for those who has gotten somewhat tired of the layers gele, this is something new to try. This gele is so good that Celebrity Fashion Designer, Deola Sagoe rocked it recently with one of her designs to a party.


Singer, Temi “Dollface” shared two recent looks where she twisted her traditional headtie (gele) rather than the wraparound and layers effect we are used to seeing. She captioned ‘The only way to wear Gele, in my reckoning. Your ears don’t become kilinshi’. This made me go back in time. Was one of the favourite styles back in the days.

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