10 ways to stay more hydrated all day, everyday


So you’ve been told over and over how important it is to guzzle down at least eight glasses of yummy H2O, everyday but you’re finding it difficult to sneak more water into your daily diet. Use these tips to meet the quota!

1. Instead of drinking flavoured water, opt for something more natural, such as adding lemon slices, watermelon chunks or mint to your glass of water.

2. For the pepper fans, add a crushed red pepper to hour food and you’ll be reaching for the water jugs a few more times during meals.

3. There’s an app for everything, so use your phone to remind yourself to drink water and keep you on track. Try Waterlogged or Water Your Body.

4. Get a good quality water filter – no more residue in your glass to put you off.

5. Keep a large tumbler or bottle of water in front of yiou throughout the day, so you have no excuse.

6. Don’t forget to carry a water bottle when you go to the gym – re-hydrate as beat that body.

7. Make a decision to order only water at restaurants. Your body and your wallet will love you for it!

8. As a little cheat, eat water-rich foods like melons, cucumbers and even soup that has a light broth.

9. Drink some water before you eat – researchshows guzzling 16 oz. before each meal can help you lose weight.

10. You wouldn’t typically order water on a night out, but try alternating a glass of water for every cocktail. Plus: You’ll be less hung-over the next morning!

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